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Ty-Gard® Band

Engineered in a 40cm wide, 500 ft long flexible band, Ty-Gard 2000® is laminated with a high-strength pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive, alternating 5 ft adhesive / 7’ ft non- adhesive lengths. Ty-Gard 2000® offers high shear strength on container walls, yet peels and removes easily and leaves no surface residue. It can be applied to a […]


Ty-Patch®, formatted in a 40 cm wide roll with 250 ft, consisting of 50 adhesive strips of 5 ft each, of material, is one of the components of the Ty-Gard® restraint system and it is used to bond the strips of Ty-Gard® together.

Ty-Gard® Reverse

Ty-Gard® Reverse is similar to Ty-Gard® Band, but the non-adhesive / adhesive lengths alternate in a 6 ft/ 8 ft / 6 ft sequence. The 6 ft lengths are bonded to the container walls, the 8 ft middle spanning exactly the width of the container. The cargo is then stowed under strain against the middle, […]


This tape ties TGA and TGR vertically to the cargo in order to prevent sagging in case of strain relief of TGA and TGR during transport. It uses a special adhesive which, in contrast to most other substances used in the stowage business, bonds well to polyester and polypropylene.