New version of Ty-Tape SW®:

January 4, 2018

Recently we introduced to our private industrial customers our all-new Ty-Tape® SW, which is the successor of our original Ty-Tape ® SS1 (NSN 8135-17-123-0568), meant for vertical bonding of Ty-Gard® Restraint bands to cargo, as well as for temporary bonding during cargo loading and securing operations. The new Ty-Tape SW is self-wound, without a release liner easing application, reducing waste, reducing application time and allowing bonding in all temperature applications, as low as -18C. Our civilian customers have all responded positively and changed over to the new version. Ty-Tape SW® has proven itself to be the successful replacement of the original version and is now being introduced to all our military customers as well as NGOs. A  new NSN request is in process and we trust that we shall be able to announce further news shortly.